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How it works

Have all your favorite website links in one location. Access them from all devices and all browsers. You want to reach them from a simple and easy-to-remember URL.

Valloc pages are accessible in a browser. Your browser page URL will first contain your username followed by the page path you provided. For example, if your username is johnsmith and you created a page with a path school, then the page path would be "". How easy is that?

What Valloc does for you

Page designer

Your pages are created and designed with the Valloc Page Designer

In the Designer you make page changes such as setting your page title, path, privacy and more. Here you also add sections and links. The arrangement of links and sections are done in a visual way technique where you can drag and drop them anywhere inside the columns you wish. Feel free to explore the Page Designer for other features.

Mobile accessibility is key. Your page content is accessible everywhere. All devices, all browsers, via a simple URL.

With your phone or tablet, easily access your Valloc pages and collaborative content. On tablets, in either horizontal or vertical orientation, you will be able to easily reach your page content. On phones, you can easily navigate page content by swiping left-to-right to columns, then down for sections and links.

Valloc Pages in mobile

Collaborate with others

Collaborate with others by sharing your pages.

At work you want to share links of frequently used websites with your professional team. At school you want to share class resources with students and teachers. With friends and family you want to share the websites most important to you. Share your pages for all these reasons.

If you freely want to share your page content then set the visibility to public. Public pages are accessible without signing in. If you need a private page that only you can access after signing in, and also over an encrypted channel, then set your page to private. You can also share private pages by inviting page guests which is helpful when working in teams on confidential material. You can add page guests on the Page Designer by adding other Valloc users by his/her username. If desired, set the Can modify checkbox to allow an individual ability to modify sections and links on the page.

Communicate with other team members with note history for each history you share. Have a full conversation based off web document or even a shared DropBox link.

Quickly build your pages by pinning links and importing existing bookmarks.

Valloc makes it easy to get started and keep your pages living. Start with a simple 3-step import of your existing browser bookmarks to launch your first page. Then by using any popular desktop browser's Valloc extension button, you can effortlessly pin links to any page to capture the current page information.

Valloc link-pinning browser button

Pinning and Importing